Applications Management: Agresso Business World

 “I’d like to take this opportunity to personally thank the Meritec & Integra teams and in particular Adam, Steven & Paul M for their assistance in achieving this successful transition of the live service.  To bring the go-live date forward by over 2 weeks was outstanding work.  Adam & Steven’s extensive knowledge & assistance in getting the environment and communications working with the Carbon Trust network settings was an essential part of the success of the project.“ – Chris Day, Carbon Trust PM

 For the Carbon Trust contract Meritec are providing hosting and Service Management in partnership with Integra Associates who are providing the application support and development capability for the Agresso Business World (ABW) system. The approach is for one of the partners to prime the contract, in this case Meritec, to provide a single point of contact on contract issues.

Carbon Trust were originally looking to move from their existing hosting provider with a complete refresh and upgrade of the hosted infrastructure, but due to severe cost restraints it was decided to instead attempt to take the hosting in-house on existing equipment which was seen as possibly the only way of keeping within the available budget.

However Meritec and Integra tendered innovative alternatives and as a result were successful in winning the contract.

The resultant service provides the Carbon Trust with known costs for the next 3 years at least and a stable, reliable and high performance solution for their ABW needs.

This is a perfect example of the flexible approach taken by the Meritec/ Integra partnership to client requirements resulting in the identification of a solution tailored to a client’s changing circumstances.