Brentwood Borough Council purchased a hosted managed service for several of their critical systems via Meritec’s GCloud V catalogue listing. 

 The Meritec technical services delivery team rapidly but comprehensively migrated the service from the incumbent supplier.  The approach taken in this scenario was a combination of “lift and shift” of existing hardware (several servers, SANs and backup devices) and data migration to a new, more modern technology platform for certain systems.

 The service went live in April 2014 and the initial contract is for 2 years with an option for extension.  The services are delivered from the Meritec hosted environments within the two tier 3 UK data centres.  The services are accessed primarily from the Brentwood Borough Council Head Offices in Essex via a secure, dedicated SSL VPN connection over the Meritec MPLS.  The service provision includes operating System and application support & maintenance on top of the base PaaS service.