Broxtowe Borough Council engaged Meritec to transform their Web and CMS facilities and transactional e-forms. The Council had a suite of 10 websites and diverse applications.  Meritec migrated these websites and applications from a number of different sources into a single, over-arching Meritec platform consisting of Umbraco and our ESB digital platform.  Meritec’s approach to the web interface design was to adopt “responsive / adaptive” designs to enable all sites, applications and processes to render in the best possible way on all devices, from large screen desk/lap tops down to smaller screen smartphones.  Delivering responsive websites and applications provided the user with an optimal user experience whatever device they are using.  The Council previously had a separate mobile version of their existing website, however Meritec delivered a single responsive website that perfectly adapts to the device accessing the content.

Broxtowe Borough Council engaged Meritec to transform their Web and CMS facilities and Meritec’s in-house developers are extremely skilled in creating user interfaces that meet our customers’ requirements.  We can craft designs specifically to a set requirement or alternatively we will work with 3rd party design agencies to come up with a design that suits the organisations corporate branding strategy as we believed was the requirement at Broxtowe.  Meritec had noted the Council’s desire to pay high attention to accessibility and Socitim’s “Better Connected” recommendations on best practice for improving the quality of the online experience for the Council’s website(s) visitors, so we worked closely with the Council to ensure these requirements were met.

We used Google Analytics to deliver detailed website statistics for on-going website usage analyse.

The Council previously had a suite of internal and external forms which had been created in either GOSS or Achieve Forms.  The Achieve Forms were hosted by FirmStep and the GOSS forms were hosted internally.  The majority of the forms have been developed by in-house resource at Broxtowe and most resulted in a PDF being created and emailed to the relevant department’s email address within the Council.  Meritec delivered a comprehensive digital facility based upon our ESB platform which delivers truly end to end digital services. 

The Council has been able to terminate one or more cost streams by migrating their current forms estate to a more modern and cost effective solution which enables true digital working and provides the facility to extend the digital experience as far and wide as the Council chooses.