Our definition of legacy is not necessarily “old” – more that the application has passed into a “care and maintenance” phase or simply needs to be kept in good condition as it still provides a business critical or other important role in the customers business.

The demands on IT managers and their Departments at times seems relentless, it is necessary to constantly juggle priorities between the demands of day-to-day service and new developments, often with insufficient resources to achieve the targets demanded. One way to break out of this circle is for Meritec to take on responsibility for the “feeding and watering” of day-to-day systems thus freeing up resources for other work. Because we provide services for the same/similar systems to multiple customers we can do so very competitively through economies of scale and shared resources. 

Our services range from ad-hoc support for specific requirements, through managed services and hosting.

The technical support team that provide our legacy support services are multi-skilled however our main legacy capabilities can be summarised as:

  • Fujitsu VME – technical support, IDMS, VME hosting, VME remote managed services, etc
  • Oracle – DBA services, applications support, remote managed services, hosting, etc
  • Solaris - Support for all platforms and variants
  • Windows – system support, upgrades, servicepacks, etc
  • SQL Server – DBA services, applications support, remote managed services, hosting, etc
  • Languages supported typically include: COBOL, Application Master, Querymaster, Visual basic, etc

Each of our services is tailored to meet each individual customer’s needs.

Other Services

MDS provides a wide range of IT services and solutions to deliver performance improvement and save money for our customers in the public and private sectors.